Flip, tumble, bounce & swing…  Aerial Athletics is the place for your child to learn to love the sport of gymnastics! We offer classes for all ages and ability levels, taught by certified, professional coaches.

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Bouncin’ Babes

Bouncin’ Babes is a “guardian and tot” class. The class length is 45 minutes. The class is meant to develop gross motor skills, such as balance and coordination.

Boys’ & Girls’ Jumpin’ Juniors

Jumpin’ Juniors classes utilizes all of the Olympic equipment. Emphasis is placed on fine tuning balance and coordination while beginning to develop strength and flexibility. The class duration is 50 minutes.

Rompin’ Rollers use preschool age appropriate equipment. The class continues to teach gross motor skills as well as beginning to teach gymnastics skills. The class duration is 50 minutes.

Boys’ & Girls’ Beginner

Beginner classes begin to teach basic gymnastics skills on the Olympic equipment. Strength and flexibility are emphasized. Students begin to learn body shapes and advanced coordination. Class duration is 50 minutes.

Intermediate Gymnastics

Intermediate class begins to develop learned gymnastics skills. Students begin to learn skills and techniques needed to advance to competitive gymnastics or advanced classes. Must have previous gymnastics experience to join class. Usual placement in this class is per instructor. Class duration is 50 minutes.

Advanced Gymnastics

Advanced Gymnastics class is for students with previous gymnastics experience. Must be previously enrolled in beginner class with GymKids to be put in this class.

Cheer Essentials

Cheer Essentials class includes tumbling, motions, and jumps necessary for cheerleading. This class is 50 minutes long.

Tumbling for Cheer

Enrollment in this class is based on instructor evaluation.  This class is a tumbling class that focuses on the requirements needed for cheerleading as well as jumps specific for cheer.

Tumbling Level 1

Tumbling Level 1 teaches basic tumbling skills. Emphasis is on technique of basics. The fundamentals of tumbling are taught in this class. Class duration is 50 minutes.

Tumbling Level 2

Students in Tumbling level 2 must have a back handspring. This classes begins to teach intermediate level tumbling. Technique is developed to master these skills. Class duration is 50 minutes.

Tuition Rates

1st Class:
$76/month (ACH)
$80/month (non-ACH)

2nd class:
$70/month (ACH)
$74/month (non-ACH)

3rd Class:
$64/month (ACH)
$68/month (non-ACH)